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A Peek Into My Dream Creations

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Recently I moved back to Northern California from Tennessee.

I got back into painting and I'm loving it.

This time around I am doing a different style then I used to before I took a break.

This time I am also going to do some random resin work as well as some painted vases since I seal my paintings in resin in order to give them the "pop" back after the paint dries

I have a few ideas that I wanna get into resin wise.

From small dragons and candle holders all the way up to tables.

I am all for taking ideas and special orders. If I think I can do it I will be willing try it and if any one see's any thing they like and want in specific details, I can do that as well. Special orders are always welcome. I do however require a deposit pending on what it is your wanting done.

On the videos I'll be posting you will see me painting or doing resin or even maybe hosting one of my booths at festivals. I love doing the festivals because I get to meet many kinds of other artists and some of the interesting people that one comes across can always find a way to bring a smile to ones face.

On Sept. 11th I did a booth at Konocti Vista Casino for the Indian Day event and we got to see some dancing style of their local tribe. It was a great day and beautiful out.

ON Sept. 18th I did a booth at a Full Moon Festival called Manna-Fest and I had a blast. Was a night festival and there were about 8 booths including mine and there were also fire dancers and a dj. Total I would say there was about 300 people there in and out from time I got there and left. Many camped for night and I wish I was able to have camped but sadly I was unable to. Maybe next time since they have a festival every month.

Charity Donation

I also want to help children as well so I came up with the idea to start my own web site and some of the proceeds I make will be donated from things I sell and also from a monthly 15$ subscription that one can sign up for and help donate as well.

15$ a months isn't a lot to ask for when it comes to donating to children in my op..

I am going to be donating to St. Judes and T.C. Thompson's in Chattanooga Tn.

I will also be donating some of my art work for charity auctions for bidding as well some of my art will have its own page that all of it will be donation for just charities. (This page I speak of is still in progress so please be patient with me cause I'm still working on the pieces and I'm not ready to post them yet)

Benefits of Donating :

Help disabled children in the U.S.A.

A child could use this money for some thing they want or need .

Why not make a child smile?

It helps them so its worth it !

It doesn't hurt to care and we need more love in this world

Charity is also a tax right right off for those who choose to donate to others

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